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        Hair loss can be a very devastating condition for both men and woman. Our hair is not just an accessory. It is an integral part of our appearance and hair loss can lead to social stigma, poor self esteem, and can even affect our job prospects and relationships. There are several causes of hair loss and seeing a dermatologist at Cinco Ranch Dermatology is your first step in getting the right diagnosis and treatment. Not all hair loss is due to "aging." It can sometimes represent an underlying medical condition that needs to be treated, including anemia, thyroid disease, hormonal imbalances, and vitamin deficiencies. There are also some kinds of hair loss that are progressive and permanent, so early intervention is key. At Cinco Ranch Dermatology, we start with an extensive questionnaire (see below) that includes a close look at your past medical history, associated symptoms, diet, stress levels, and medications. A careful scalp exam and in some cases a biopsy of the scalp is essential getting the correct diagnosis. Lab work is also crucial in helping find underlying causes.


        Treatment is based on the right diagnosis but can include topical therapies, oral medicine (spironolactone, finesteride, biotin, iron replacement, Vit D), intralesional steroid injections or topical contact immunotherapy performed at our office.


        Alopecia is frequently dismissed as "cosmetic" and not important but at Cinco Ranch Dermatology, we really take it seriously and work it up thoroughly to help you get back to yourself and feeling confident about your hair.

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