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        We all know what poison ivy is and many of us have experienced first hand those intensely itchy blisters on exposed skin after a camping trip. Contact Dermatitis is a blanket term that includes poison ivy, but also can be caused by a number of products that come into contact with the skin. The most common cause of contact dermatitis is nickel found in jewelry or the metal pieces on jeans. Interestingly, another common cause of Neosporin, the topical antibiotic we frequently reach for when we have a cut. If you are experiencing a very itchy rash on your hands, neck or face, you might be coming into contact with something your are allergic to. At Cinco Ranch Dermatology, we can help you find out what is causing your rash. After a careful history is taken about your job, hobbies, and home life, we can usually help identity a cause. We also offer patch testing, where a small amount of common allergens are applied to your back and then checked for reactions at 48 and 72 hours.

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