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        Everybody hates skin tags, at least I do as someone who gets them on the eyelids (not pretty!). These unsightly little pieces of excess skin are commonly found on the eyelids, the neck, the underarms, and the groin. They occur in areas where there is skin rubbing on skin. Sometimes it is associated with being overweight or having pre-diabetes. Luckily, they are completely benign and easily removed for an awesome cosmetic outcome. The first step is having them diagnosed properly because you don't want to just assume you have a skin tag when it actually could be a skin cancer. After confirming they are benign, I use local anesthesia to make the removal process comfortable and virtually painless. The skin is cleansed very well to avoid infection and the tags are removed immediately with super sharp scissors (you don't feel it at all!). I can expertly do seemingly complicated areas as well, such as the eyelids and very near the eye. Removal of skin tags can make huge impact on self esteem. Removal is considered cosmetic and is not covered by insurance. We charge based on how many you want removed but on average the cost is $100-200 and we try to do as many as we can in one visit. Healing time is quick and the results beautiful.

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