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        Genital warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV). Itís a very common condition and nothing to be embarrassed about when talking to your dermatologist. The virus is usually spread by sexual contact but in some cases can be spread by the hands or even through the process of birth from mother to child. The first step is getting your suspected warts examined so that a proper diagnosis and treatment plan can be made. We offer several treatment options, which we choose based on how many warts you have, the size and location of your warts, and your general health and personal preferences. A common treatment is application of a very cold spray, liquid nitrogen to "freeze" the warts off. We also sometimes use Cantharidin Plus, which is a combination of salacylic acid and blister beetle juice. Prescription medications that you apply in the privacy of your home can also supplement your treatment plan. At Cinco Ranch Dermatology, we can help you with your genital warts discreetly and use a variety of proven effective and safe treatments.

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